Even though you’re in a fast job-growth market, that doesn’t mean you should pay any less attention to your resume than other occupations. Plus, as websites can be built and managed from anywhere in the world, more of these jobs will be outsourced to overseas workers in the near future. Unless the door is opened and you get an interview, you aren’t going to land the perfect job or secure the role that gives your career the boost needed to get to the next level. Knowledge of and experience with multiple programming languages and digital multimedia software is seen by employers as critical requirements. Thus, make sure you include this kind of information in the technical skills section of your resume. Additionally, with the growing importance of mobile, highlighting your ability to deliver responsive websites and mobile apps can separate you from the crowds of applicants. See our web developer resume example for more insights.

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A great resume is key for success as a web developer. The resume examples below are perfect way for developers and IT professionals to create their own standout resume, regardless of their level of experience.

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